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Creation waits in eager expectation 
for the sons of God to be revealed.

Romans 8:19
Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn..
Isaiah 60

The anticipation is arising throughout the earth...but not only is the anticipation rising... so is the reality. Many conferences speak of the things happening around the world indicating the rise of our opposition.

Many want to assail the powers that be with formidable forces of saints... many are equipping the church with a rage, despondency, and fear that the darkness is winning.... but something far more ominous is on the rise.... something so woeful that it's time to sound the trumpet.

The ominousness is not for us... the woe is not for us. The fear is not ours to hold on to. The despair that has descended on our nation, is not ours to own.

The Dread Champions of God are rising. The Sons of God are rising... they are the ones producing fear in the heart of the enemy... not by petitions, not by political meanderings, not by sheer numbers in powerful revolt, not by media embellishment or hype, not with wise and persuasive words... but with a demonstration of the Spirit and of Power! This is the day we have been waiting for.

This conference is intended to demolish arguments, destroy unbelief, annihilate a religious spirit that would love to keep The Church that Jesus leads under the leadership of a insipid, weak-minded mentality of doubt, fear, and faithless reality.... This is a night for a commissioning of The Sons Of God.... The Dread Champions of the Faith.... The Ones who will conquer kingdoms and bring fame to the One they adore... Jesus!

Danny Steyne

Danny Steyne has functioned as a church planter, pastor, teacher, song writer, worship leader, author, and a conference speaker for more than thirty years. He is currently the apostolic team leader for Mountain Of Worship , a ministry focused on explosive apostolic release of lifestyle worship and power ministry both regionally and beyond. He and Karen are parents to nine children and live in Columbia SC, USA. Their heart is to release ministry that is full of the power of God and demonstrated through authentic miraculous works of Jesus. They desire to reach the lost and bring a radical, revolutionary Christianity into the lives of those that they touch. Prophetic release, healings, and the miraculous are frequent in their ministry. They are involved in extensive ministry travel dedicated to bringing the lost to a place of worshipping Jesus and the found to a place of absolute adoration of the One known as King of Kings and Lord of Lords... Jesus! www.TheMountain.org


Celeste Cash

Celeste Cash carries an apostolic, prophetic breakthrough in regions and nations. She administratively leads MOWBand as well as being an international worship leader through synergistic worship and prophetic worship that demonstrates Jesus' Love & Power! Celeste is often used to breakthrough with prophetic worship in dry places... although she would prefer the wet places!!! Her desire is to bring people to encounter God in a personal way that transforms them and the spiritual atmosphere of the region, releasing open heavens, anointed preaching, and signs and wonders. Her heart is to call forth and train an army after God's own heart of radical, lovesick worshipping warriors who operate in the forerunner spirit and who fast and pray in the worshipping spirit of the Tabernacle of David. Together, they have been leading worship for over 15 years. They have also been involved in children's ministry, women's ministry, and dance ministry respectively for over 10 years. They are a part of the MOW apostolic team and the MOW Band. Joe and Celeste have 3 sons; Caleb, Joshua, and Luke and live in Martinez,, Georgia



Faceless is comprised of musicians and worship leaders who flow together from around the world.

(The list is extensive, Joe & Celeste Cash, Jeremy Marion, Keith & Kerry Solomon, Kelly Solomon, Paul Pace, John Arends, Keith Stone, Toby Trull, Peter Steyne, Al Anderson, Joyce Anderson, Paul Hutsell, Luke Cash, Chop Volpe, Jennifer Givens-Motes, Barb Walker, Roberta Schultz, Virginia Sullivant, Hope Reeder, Georgian Banov, Danny Steyne are just a few of Faceless: The MOWBand)The music is raw, prophetic energy. People have come out wheelchairs during the worship... ears have opened... the blind have seen. It is music in the realm of the vortex of heaven... meant to catch you up to His Throne... His Face... His Eyes... His Breath! It is a synergy exploding through a vortex of time, space, and life. Truly a fusion of anything that has been created to make a sound that will cause all of heaven to shout with joy and worship with passion! Currently it's primarily a fusion synergistic rock ala alternative ala worship ala 3rd Heaven Key of H sound....

Kevin Moffat

Kevin Moffat has been ministering prophetically through art for many years. He is a a part of our International MOWConferences as well as conferences around the country both by MOW and other ministries. Manna Art Ministering the ‘Word’ though art. Kevin is working to bring the ‘ARTS’ back into the church. He paints during times of worship , seeking to draw close to the place where there can be an intimate glimpse into the beauty of God’s heart. The process of ‘awakening’ into that moment of recognition is part of what is beautiful and touching about his art. Seeing the canvas being filled with a deepening sense of that moment creates another dimensional layer which helps to unveil more of what God is doing in the meeting for those watching it ‘expose’. Far from merely entertaining or distracting Kevin sees the arts as playing a fundamental role in the plans of God for the restoration of the church. Creating beauty opens the heart to the deepest possibilities of union with our creator and helps us enter in to the realms of the sublime. Kevin has painted well over two hundred images during worship at different worship meetings nationally and is seeking to develop a school for the prophetic arts. He and his wife Claire now reside in Wallingford, Vt. http://www.mannaart.com/



The Worship Center
2304 Page Rd., Durham, NC 27703 
Durham, NC 27703
worshipcenter at worshipcenterlive.com



Main Session 7 pm


Main Session 2 pm

Main Session 7 pm 




We went to Priceline.com for our hotel rooms WE NAMED OUR OWN PRICE ... we checked 3.5 star in the area and offered $55 a night... and got it!!!! So that is what I would recommend. That same hotel regularly charges $209 per night.

We regularly do this NOT LOWER THAN A 3 STAR hotel... have never paid more than $75 dollars a night.... usually we pay $50-$55 a night and have previously been in a 4 STAR hotel for $50 per night!

In 1987 I had a vision. I saw a "flat plain" that grew into a volcano and became a "Mountain of Worship" that splattered worship all over the region and around the world. It was an event of worship that resulted in exaltation, magnification, and praise of God in spirit and truth! It was full of God's Power and the miraculous power of God was released to all those in the shadow of the Mountain. In February 2008 a greater revelation of the vision unveiled to release even more of the dreams of God to establish His people of love throughout the earth. And the "cement" that will hold them together is not a network, an organization, or a stream... but rather the simplicity of a family, a tribe, of low-down-laid-down lovers of Jesus who desire for nothing but His fame to be spread throughout the earth, and to unveil the Gospel that draws every knee to bow and fall in love with Jesus. The indication was that the vision must increase to more than simply a "Mountain of...." into "The Mountain" and that the Lord would establish regional "Emerging Verbs" throughout the world. This "Mountain" is not simply another organization it is not simply another noun on the "marketplace" of Christianity … it is an organism and a verb... it is a "perpetual event of spirit and truth worship". It is a lifestyle of worship. It is a region... a nation... the world ... abandoned to passionate holy lifestyle worship!

Come experience the Mountain!

P.O. Box 212204
Columbia SC 29221-2204
worship at MountainOfWorship.com

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